Our Activities

Madpur Manav Kalyan Gour Krishna Sevashram

Women’s Empowerment

The most significant rule of survival is self-dependency. In a country like India, where illiteracy and unemployment have shattered uncountable lives leading to poverty and enervation, it is certainly paradoxical to even think about political support. There are millions of school and college dropouts, endeavoring to fulfill their financial necessities and so relinquishing their longings in hopelessness.  It is our motto, to extract them from their tenebrosity and pour the credence of hope that beholds a 

glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. We’ve been setting up homes and hostels for women and orphans. To empower these vulnerable women, we offer free training courses to improve their skills. Some of the common skill development training are- stitching and tailoring, pottery, art, crafts, etc. We also take responsibility for their education.

Child Development

The lanterns of hope carry thousands of fireflies in their heads, weaving uncountable stories, and the inquisition to learn makes a child so unique and innocent. To think about their development is our priority and we need to ensure that equal opportunities are provided irrespective of the sections of our society they come from. 

Every week our executives arrange special milk and nutritious food distribution programs in order to ensure they’re on a healthy

diet and don’t get trapped in deadly diseases due to nutrient deficiency. Growth and nourishment are directly proportional, so if one of the factors gets affected then the other one deteriorates. That’s why it is necessary to look after your child from the beginning and if you’re having problems doing so financially then please reach out to us because we’ll always be there to support you in your hard times.

Environmental Protection

The growing concerns about climatic changes due to environmental damage are a serious threat to all of us, especially for the upcoming younger generations. Active participation to protect our mother nature is necessary and we are compassionately making sure that we ensure it along with educational awareness.


The education system in our country has transformed with time, still, we believe there are flaws and it’s only because of our corrupted intentions. Every society has good and bad energy, and people with good motives are often suppressed by these bad influences but ignoring all odds, we intend to move forward until we succeed in eliminating evil faces beneath the veil of morality. 


Our honesty lies in changing the mentality and making education affordable and accessible because the focus should always be on increasing the literacy rates and not just the business. Everyone deserves to get at least the basic parts of education so that they become aware of themselves.  

With our purest intentions, we’ve been successful in sending numerous children to attend school and making opportunities for a better and prosperous future they’ll hold with their hard work and persistence.   

So far, we’ve seen the potential of each child, their uniqueness, and the inquisition to learn more. As their well-wisher, we want to be a little greedy about their education, we wish to see them shine in their own ways and change the world as they behold its beauty.