Madpur Manav Kalyan Gour Krishna Sevashram

Clothes Distribution Program

After all these years of hard work, consistency, and persistence we’ve learned that heaven lies within us and the purpose of life is to protect that heaven at any cost. What we behold in our minds is reflected through our eyes. And so, when every year we distribute clothes to the poor, their purity shines through their eyes. 

Cloth distribution programs happen several times a year including on special occasions and seasons. For the summer seasons we distribute comfortable clothes and umbrellas so that they can protect themselves from the heat, for the winter seasons we distribute warm clothes like sweaters, scarves, and blankets to protect them from the freezing winds. Other than that we continue our distribution programs at various festivals like Durga Puja, Diwali, Dussehra, and so on. 

World Environment Day

June 5 is World Environment Day. We celebrate Environment Day with the help of local people from our organization where villagers and some localities participate in the program. We have decided that we must live in pollution-free areas and keep the environment pollution free. Members of our organization attend the program and discuss the importance of plants and the prevention of burning plastic and rubber tires.

Book Distribution Program

Education is the key to life’s success. No matter where you belong, the knowledge that you pursue and the knowledge you share to enlighten people stays forever. To be remembered you’ve to impact people’s hearts in some way and so we share the medium of gaining knowledge- “Books”. Once every week, we go to government schools for the poor and needy children who can’t afford to study in private schools. We distribute bundles of essential books to these schools so that they can improve their pattern of teaching. Sometimes we gift special story books to the kids, just so they understand the beauty of knowledge and imagination.

Food Distribution Program

When we thought to initiate this journey, our ultimate aim was to selflessly serve, uplift, and improve people’s lives, especially the underprivileged sections of our country. Often we’ve seen uncountable innocents starving to death and there’s hardly anyone to look after their needs. We find it extremely important from our sides to at least feed as many destitute as we can. 

To successfully execute the operation, we distribute nutritious food to needy people lying barely without any hope of survival. With each morsel of food, they find the light to touch again and get rid of their darkness filled with misery and outcries.