About Us

Madpur Manav Kalyan Gour Krishna Sevashram

Madpur Manav Kalyan Gour Krishna Sevashram

Madpur Manav Kalyan Gour Krishna Sevashram is a non-profit NGO that solely works for the welfare of society irrespective of all odds. Our organization has initiated numerous projects whether it’s related to women’s empowerment, child education, or health facilities to serve the underprivileged sections.

We believe in the existence of humanity and the purpose our creator has assigned us to alleviate each other’s pain and suffering. Time can destruct even the mightiest entity and it can be powerful enough to heal your deepest wounds as well. The aim is not just to sacrifice one’s possession but also to save a million drowning lives and secure their future to some extent. 

Our future aspiration is to establish a safe shelter or ashram for those forsaken pedestrians who lost their hopes unfortunately and to restore all that they believed were gone, a place where they can reside happily without any second thought. We shall try our best to reduce their scars and fix their broken hearts so that they can smile after battling dreadful stormy nights. 

There’s no right time to be kind and more humane, the path leading to charity is a paradise itself. So rescue the feeble hands in your mast until you reach the shore. Our uphill battle is incomplete without your cooperation and so we are eagerly waiting to witness the warriors liberate their confined natives.


We wish to establish a sense of lifetime security for those who lost the purpose of life because either they were left all alone to perish or the unfortunate circumstances shattered their precious hopes.


To ensure equity among the deprived and forgotten sections of our society with the inauguration of our Sevashram that solely aims to enhance their livelihood and peace of mind.


To envision a society where no individual shall live in abandonment but rather find their safest place in our shelter and learn to live their life to the fullest.