Future Plans

Madpur Manav Kalyan Gour Krishna Sevashram
Shelter for Distressed Women & Widows

The strongest pillar of our society or the one who holds the power to sustain our species is a woman. For decades they’ve been tortured mercilessly by the patriarchal society to prove their worthless masculinity. 

Though it is true that the stereotypical thoughts are eradicating swiftly due to modernization and educational advancement, still as an over-populated country India has countless stories of injustices against innocent women, especially those who lost their beloved husbands at a very young age. 

To put an end, we wish to inaugurate a safe shelter where these distressed women can stay securely. We shall provide for all their basic needs, make sure that they rediscover their true self, and learn to love themselves entirely. 

Special School for Deprived Children

The education system in our country has transformed with time, still, we believe there are flaws and it’s only because of our corrupted intentions. Every society has good and bad energy, and people with good motives are often suppressed by these bad influences but ignoring all odds, we intend to move forward until we succeed in eliminating evil faces beneath the veil of morality. Our honesty lies in changing the mentality and making education affordable and accessible. Everyone deserves to get at least the basic parts of education so that they become aware of themselves.

To uplift the deprived children, we’ve got a dream to establish a special school where they’ll attain their academic excellence and will be able to reshape their lost aspirations. 

So far, we’ve seen the potential of each child, their uniqueness, and the inquisition to learn more. As their well-wisher, we want to be a little greedy about their education, we wish to see them shine in their own ways and change the world as they behold its beauty.


Our dream is to establish a safe house for innocent orphans and abandoned families where they can reside without any risk of getting exposed to cruel circumstances again. It is devastating to even imagine the harsh battles they’ve fought, the injustices they’ve gone through, and the ocean of grief they’ve suffered from.  

After a lot of consecutive discussions, we realized that pain revolves around a vicious circle but it isn’t everlasting and so we can try to minimize the suffering as much as we can until the gloomy clouds disappear and the sun shines again, giving birth to new possibilities. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish to see every one of them happy and healthy.